“When I met with Jack 2 years ago, I did not know much about property investment and was very scared of debt and did not understand the difference between good debt and bad debt. Jack explained everything in a simple and easy way with lots of examples. I now have started investing in property thro… Read more
Renga Rajan, Granville

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Wealth creation – What you need to know in 21st Century

Get a good job, pay your taxes, pay off your mortgage and save money. You would have heard this drum message given before, very loud and very clear. While this was a fantastic “must have” education for past years, it is no longer relevant today. In fact the above advice is arguably the worst advice [Read more…]

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Paying off mortgage Painfully

Most diseases and bad relationship all come to an end one day. The experience of going through them is nevertheless painful. Anyhow, we endure the experience, we develop patience and put plans in place to deal  timely with the problems. Mortgage on the other hand, no matter how painful it is, most people have only [Read more…]