Dear Jack, We would like to simply say thank you for always remembering us on special occassion. We unexpectedly received a gift from JR Prosperity Partner after arriving from our 5-week holiday.  So it was really a big surprise. May you be blessed Jack and your family and more blessings for … Read more
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Negative Gearing!! JRPP Thoughts on it

Negative gearing was simply introduced to incentivise investors to invest in properties. Now what! Why would government do such a thing? Government is in the business of taxing people and taking their hard earned dollars. So why is it that they would want to go out of their way to put money back into the pockets [Read more…]


Resource Services’ Story

Resource Services is a retail services group with over 200 staff, they recently retained the services of Prosperity Partners to provide superannuation support and financial services to their staff located around Australia. Resource Services have been an excellent company to work with as they are very proactive and committed in providing any possible assistance to their staff on a [Read more…]