Hi everyone, Would just like to send out a big thankyou to everyone involved, the process has been pretty damn easy on our behalf, so thanks to everyone for playing their part Exciting times ahead Regards, Steve and Sarah Welzel
Steve and Sarah Welzel

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Resource Services’ Story

Resource Services is a retail services group with over 200 staff, they recently retained the services of Prosperity Partners to provide superannuation support and financial services to their staff located around Australia. Resource Services have been an excellent company to work with as they are very proactive and committed in providing any possible assistance to their staff on a [Read more…]


Sam + Janine’s Story

Sam and Janine enjoy excellent health, are in their 50s, happily married and were referred to us by another client as they needed a comprehensive review of their financial circumstances after a rather unfortunate experience with previous advice they had received over many years, which had not delivered on their expectations. At our first meeting, their [Read more…]